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Annual Storage Fees$125
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Preferred DepositoryDelaware Depository
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Being on the verge of retirement, or indeed already being nestled in the arms of those Golden Years, can be a time in which people truly reflect on the cleverness of their investments. There certainly seems to be a growing trend in rolling over to a gold-backed IRA, instead of leaning on paper investments. More investors are seeing the potential in an investment fund that is backed by something physical that is of a high value. Republic Monetary Exchange is a company that is focused on providing investors with any information they need to make a smart, lucrative decision.

Traditional Investments can be Unstable

It has been suggested that traditional IRAs can be a little risky. Stocks, bonds, and securities are entirely dependent on the economy. Currency devaluation and hyper-inflation directly affect these types of investments, which means that traditional IRAs are susceptible to the effects of market swings. In fact, more recent financial crises have left many traditional investors with very little in their accounts — a true nightmare for anyone close to retirement.

Precious metals, gold in particular, have stood the test of time in terms of investment potential. Gold does not follow market trends. Instead, the value of gold has proven to be particularly high throughout history. If one were to consider the fact that, on average, gold investments made in 1997 have grown by at least 30%, it is clear that this precious metal is a solid option.

Even though the value of the American dollar has fluctuated at an almost alarming rate over the last decade or so, the value of gold has continued to increase steadily.

Minimum/Maximum Investments, Gold Storage, and Fees

Republic Monetary ExchangeAt RME, there is no minimum investment size. This is particularly comforting for new investors hoping to test the waters before rolling over their traditional investment accounts to gold IRAs. In order to ensure the comfort and security of investors, RME representatives will take the time to discuss investment opportunities, allowing clients to have the final say. Payments are made by certified check, personal check, direct deposit, cash or wire transfer; depending on the investor’s personal preference.

Most investors worry about the implications of sales tax on their gold purchases. The good news is that RME’s headquarters are based in Arizona, a state in which there is currently no sales tax on precious metals. Commissions and additional fees are also a considerable worry for investors. On a positive note, RME does not add any additional charges over and above investments. There will, however, be a reasonable nominal, built-in IRA fee that will be used to keep the account in compliance with important IRS regulations based on your desired custodian.

As with any IRA account, a gold IRA account will require someone or some establishment to act as custodian. RME has acquired the services of Sunwest Trust to act as custodian of self-directed IRAs. Custodians are generally responsible for keeping all of the paperwork in a self-directed gold IRA up-to-date.
To offer investors more security, Sunwest Trust and RME have banded together with Brinks, a company that takes pride in its armored truck and security services. This depository is not subject to the jurisdictions befalling other companies in the banking system, and is therefore able to provide clients with stellar service 365 days a year.

RME strives to provide clients with the best in gold IRA services. Of course, this company urges potential clients to do as much research and investigation as necessary. In an effort to cover all there is to offer investors, visitors to the RME website should consider looking into the available list of top recommended companies on our site, before making any abrupt decision.

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