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Precious metals are increasingly finding their way into the investment portfolios of people across all income groups. Be it to preserve wealth for retirement or posterity, or to maximize short-term returns, investments in gold and silver prove to be more rewarding – if not lucrative – when compared to currency-based assets. For first-time investors, finding the right exquisite metals company that offers the best of products, guidance and customer service, is the key to explore this new alternative.

Regal Assets (RA) is one such reputed company, highly rated by clients and industry watchdogs. This, however, does not mean that investors should blindly base their decisions on such ratings. The company continues to stay ahead of the pack in almost all gold IRA reviews, until date. Let’s take a look at the firm, and its products and services to see if it lives up to the hype.

About Regal Assets

Based in Burbank, this precious metals company is backed by over five decades of industry experience. Staffed with industry experts who are familiar with the precious metals markets, and featuring an array of products, the company continues to extend valuable support to investors looking to explore precious metals investment opportunities. The company has also been prominently featured on several magazines as well as the 2014 Investment Guide for Forbes, bagging the #20 rank for financial services in USA by the Inc. Magazine. The company is both well known and well established.

Investment Options

Customers get to choose an investment option that best matches their financial goals, with the necessary expert guidance. A range of pre-defined asset portfolios of different values, an extensive collection of proof coins, bullion bars, as well as precious metal IRAs are being offered. While minimum investment amount for precious metal IRAs are set at $10,000, small investors can settle for cash deals at $5,000.

The wide range of investment options cater to both small and bulk investors. Investment portfolios ranging from $5,000 to $250,000+ appeal to short-term, long-term, as well as one-time investors.

Delivery and Storage

brinks gold storage

The company has one of the fastest delivery processes that service cash deals within 7 days of funding of the account. Customers can trace their orders using a tracking number, and the metals are fully insured, with RA taking full responsibility for the shipment till it is safely delivered at the destination. RA even goes the extra mile to compensate clients for delays in 7-day delivery guarantee with a 1 oz. Silver American Eagle.

Storage needs of precious metals IRAs are serviced by Brinks, where metals against each account are held in a segregated storage space for gold and silver without any additional charges. The 7-day delivery schedule holds good for IRAs too, once the account is funded and the prices are locked. It is worth noting that competitor delivery schedules may extend to even 30 or 90 days.


While product pricing across competitors is usually quite competitive, it is the fee structure associated with precious metal IRAs that could prove expensive in the long run.

Regal Assets stands apart from other precious metal companies by offering a flat fee for precious metal IRAs, which comprises the administration and storage fees. With $80 admin fees and $110 storage fees, a flat annual fee of $190 is a money-saver, given the fact that the IRA fees from competitors are scalable, and segregated storage usually comes at an additional cost. These scalable fees often vary based on the account value.

RA also buys back all precious metals at over the spot price, making it effortless for investors to make timely profits with expert help.

Additionally, account setup is free of cost, IRA rollovers are not charged (conditionally), and all fees are waived for the first year. That’s a total savings of over $500! The IRA fee structure definitely is beneficial!

Response Time

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Apart from offering the fastest shipping facilities, RA also prides itself on prompt account setup. Investment accounts are up and active within 24 hours of request, ready for the first precious metals transaction. Fund transfer requests from a specific custodian are serviced within 48 hours. Liquidating valuable metal assets is also easier with RA and can be done in 2 days time.

All documentation and transactions at RA are digitized to save on time, as well as make it easier for clients to complete the process with minimum hassles.

Customer Service

Expert services, round-the-clock support from a personal investment advisor, and extensive information featured on their website, make it more comfortable and reassuring for investors looking for secure investment options.

They are reputable for “No Pressure” account staffs with a mission of ‘guide, advise and serve’. Hence you will not experience any pushy, aggressive or high pressure sales approach when dealing with them.

You can also request a free gold IRA rollover kit from them, which includes an investment guide issued on Forbes Magazine(time limited) plus an award winning documentary DVD that reveals ‘The Hidden Secrets of the Fed’. *And now for a limited time, it also includes a 1 oz silver RA 10th anniversary coin with the kit. Make sure to grab one before it’s too late.

physical kit

Accreditation and Ratings

The firm enjoys an “AAA” rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, and a 5-Star at TrustLink, from over thousand of reviews. No complaints are recorded in the recent past.

RA also works with Professional Coin Grading Service, Certified Coin Exchange, Numismatic Conservation Service and other trade groups to ensure the authenticity of their collectible and rare coins.

Rollover Your IRA to Regal Assets in 4 Steps

1. First you have to completely fill out the form at their website – Then, within that same business day, you will receive via e-mail the necessary IRA paperwork, which should be completely filled out. All you will need to do is sign where the document is dated. Since the documentation is sent via e-mail, it should be signed electronically and returned via e-mail, thus eliminating the need to print or fax the signed document.

24 hours

2. Once the IRA paperwork is signed and submitted, within 24 hours a new IRA account will be opened for you. After the account is setup, you will be notified via e-mail of the IRA account number. Next, you will be sent via email the documents for the transfer request. The transfer request can also be submitted electronically. After the executed transfer request is received by their IRA department, they will work on behalf of you to contact your present custodian. Then, they will arrange the movement of the funds to the new IRA account.

3. You’ll be updated via telephone or e-mail during each step of the transfer process by Regal Assets. They continue to be the only precious metals company that updates every client on the step-by-step processes via telephone and e-mail. As soon as the funds are accessible in the new IRA account, the account executive assigned to you will make contact and inform you of the options available for the purchase of precious metals. The account executive will find out from you the type of precious metals to purchase and these prices are confirmed simultaneously.

fast shipping

4. Once you lock up the precious metal prices, your precious metal position is funded. The items are then shipped to Brinks within seven business days. They are the only company in precious metals that ships retirement accounts within seven business days of the accounts being funded. As soon as the precious metals arrive to Brinks, you will be notified. Then, you can view all your precious metals online. The progress of the account can also be viewed at any time, 24 hours per day and seven days per week.


Regal Assets stands way ahead of competition in all respects, making it the most preferred precious metals company for both new and seasoned investors, especially IRA holders looking to diversify and maximize their investments and returns, respectively.

Here’s a quick screenshot of what the clients have to say about Regal Assets on Trustlink:

Regal Assets Contacts

Phone Support:1-855-353-3915
Address:2600 W. Olive Avenue, 5th Floor, Burbank, CA 91505

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