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IRA Transfer Process7-14 Days
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Not too long ago, most people were even unaware that you could invest IRA funds in precious metals like gold. There is a lot of red tape surrounding these tax-protected retirement accounts and unorthodox investments were usually frowned upon.

Actually, you have always been able to invest in precious metals with your IRA deposits. Originally, however, the extent of such purchases was limited to buying American Gold Eagles. Now an aspiring retiree can form his or her entire retirement portfolio around gold and the other members of the precious metal family.

However, opening and finding a gold IRA can be confusing, even for someone who has managed an IRA for many years. It is important, when making this transition, to find a company that can help you to understand the guidelines and avoid any tax repercussions.

Introducing Amerigold

Amerigold has been in business since 1988. It operates out of Denver, Colorado. Unlike many other IRA custodians, this company makes precious metals the focus of its IRAs. They not only provide gold bars and gold coins to their clients but they also buy these items straight from the public.

Opportunities in Gold, Silver or Platinum

Amerigold goes far beyond the offerings that were available to IRA clients just a few years ago. You can now invest your retirement funds in a variety of gold, silver and platinum coins. They also make available a small variety of bars made from these same metals. Products much smaller than an ounce make this an affordable choice even for account holders with only the most modest savings accrued.

Setting Up Your Gold IRA

If you have just become aware of your options with regard to a gold IRA, then you have several choices before you. Those who do not have an IRA are at an advantage. They can shop for a gold custodian with the best terms and the most convenient features.

Investors who already have an IRA, though, are not out of luck. They can check with their account custodian and find out what their options are. These investors may be able to alter the content of their account portfolios without making any drastic changes.

If such a rearrangement is not possible, you can always look for a company such as Amerigold to help you out. You are not stuck in the IRA that you already have. With professional help at this company, you can transfer or rollover funds into a new gold IRA.

Amerigold has a helpful website set up to help you answer questions regarding a number of issues, such as the minimum size of investment and the correct portion of your portfolio that should be in precious metal.

You will have to learn a great deal about this new kind of account, which differs in some respect from a stock-based IRA. For example, precious metals must be stored by a third party until the account holder becomes eligible to receive IRA distributions. At that point, this third party will be directed to ship the bars and coins directly to you.

Best Option for You?

Many businesses are thriving in this new market. You should review their websites and call their offices to find out which one has the best features for your account. For your convenience, here are some top recommended gold IRA firms that we sorted out based on our in-depth research.


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Phone Support: 1-800-574-0047
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