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IRA Transfer Process7-14 Days
401(K) Rollover Process21-28 Days
Metals Delivery1-2 weeks
Setup Fees$100
Annual Admin Fees$60-$250 (Scaled)
Annual Storage Fees$100+ (Scaled)
Preferred CustodianNew Direction IRA,
The Entrust Group,
Self Directed IRA Services
Preferred DepositoryNot Disclosed
Min Purchase AmountNot Disclosed
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U.S. Mint Listed Dealer
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A retirement fund is probably the most important savings account anyone will ever open. Retirement is an almost bittersweet concept. On the one hand, we all look forward to the years in our lives where we no longer need to shuffle through a nine-to-five job every day of the working week; we finally have a chance to enjoy the better things in life. On the other hand, many of us worry that our IRAs will not quite cover all of our needs. Of course, there is also the worry that a conventional fund will devalue over time, which is hardly promising.

Gold IRAs are becoming increasingly popular. Research shows that precious metals are a solid investment, whereas stocks and bonds are more susceptible to downfalls in the market. Colorado Gold is one of the companies that offers clients the chance to invest in bullion and coins and, in doing so, provide themselves with financial security in their golden years.

Gold-Backed vs Conventional IRAs

Many retirees, or people on the verge of retirement, worry that the stock market could adversely affect their retirement funds. They have good reason to worry. After most recent blow to the U.S. economy, many people lost a large portion of their investments. Some of them lost the entirety of their funds. The risk of inflation on a traditional retirement fund is dangerously high.

Gold is safer simply because they tend to increase in value over time. When you invest in gold, you are securing your hard-earned funds in something physical. Gold is not susceptible to inflation and will probably continue to gain value over time, as it has done for centuries.

How it Works

colorado goldPurchasing gold bullion or coins from Colorado Gold is similar to the investment process with a regular IRA. Once you have paid for your precious metals, they will be stored in a depository under the oversight of a custodian. Colorado works with three major custodians: The Entrust Group, New Direction IRA, and Self Directed IRA services. In order to build up a lucrative gold IRA, you need to open an account with one of the afore-mentioned companies, fund it with cash, and then work together with a Colorado representative in order to purchase the right kind of gold for your needs.

This company is not a “coin-shop”. Instead of buying directly from them, you place your order with them and they purchase coins on your behalf. Think of this company as the helpful middle-man in the investment process.

About the Fees Involved

Because Colorado buys gold on your behalf, they charge a small 1% commission on all transactions. This commission fee includes secured shipping costs. The commission decreases with the cost of the order. Orders worth over $50 000 carry a 0.75% commission, and orders of over $100 000 carry a commission fee of 0.50%. There are no mark-ups on any orders. Other dealers will mark-up the cost of orders by 30% to 50%. The Colorado team also does not charge any transaction fees for transferring the gold into your IRA account.

Right Company?

Is Colorado Gold the best option for your retirement plan investment? Absolutely not. In fact, we have listed down the top 10 most trusted companies on our site. Feel free to check it out before making any abrupt decision.

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Phone Support: (888) 786-8822
Address: 222 S 5th St, Montrose, CO 81401