Why You Need To Consider Investing In Gold SIPP

UK 3D MapWe live in precarious times and it’s no longer enough to work hard and retire, thinking you’re all set. Even those who have always had a stable job, in spite of the fluctuating economy, have to make a little extra effort to ensure future stability. The money you retire with may be worth much less years from now. Flights may cost double. Gas may cost triple. You may have to think twice before you buy an item of food or clothing because, suddenly, it costs so much more than it used to and the amount of money you have is limited. The effects of inflation on a dwindling sum of money is a nightmare. Inflation has never been quite as rapid as it is in this era with the turmoil the world has been experiencing. Soaring prices means the cost of living is inevitably going to keep rising with no end in sight.

Self-Invested Pension Plan

A self-invested pension plan, also known as a SIPP, gives customers the independence of choosing what they invest in. Pensioners can invest directly or online. Rather than hand over their assets to an insurance company, SIPP investors have the liberty of choosing for themselves how they want their money invested. Not only is it easy to invest on your own, a SIPP maintains a level of privacy when it comes to what you’re doing with your money.

Why Gold SIPP

gold sippOver the past decade, there has been an increase in investors who are interested in gold. The market value of gold has risen drastically during this time. For thousands of years, gold has been seen as a solid investment because it never loses value. It’s a sure thing that has been so throughout history, unlike the real estate market, internet start-ups or stocks. That’s why so many gold SIPP providers include the option of investing in gold bullion and coins. The investment is made online based on the current price of gold and the gold is then kept in a secure safe in London. The investor doesn’t have to deal with a middle man or having to walk into a dreary physical office or bank.

Eligibility & Rules

Investors can open a gold SIPP at any time alongside their original pension. Most types of pensions can be transferred to a gold pension, including personal and stakeholder pension, executive pension plans and pensions on income drawn. The money can be accessed at the age of 55, but tax reliefs vary from person to person according to individual circumstances.

Recommended Gold Pension Plan Provider

Not all SIPPs allow investors to hold gold in the form of bullion or to invest in gold at all. This is a service which is increasing based on demand. Regal Assets has already been being the most trusted gold IRA firm in the US for years. They just recently accept clients from United Kingdom which is a great opportunity for the UK investors.

They offer gold as an investment option and take care of their clients’ gold SIPP transfer, with highly qualified expertise. They also ensure their gold meets the criteria of the London Bullion Market Association. The purity of the gold is not less than 995 thousands. Security risks once made it impossible for individuals to buy gold bullion, but Regal Assets makes it available to private investors and allows them to buy or sell whenever they want online.

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