Why International Investors are Looking to Add Cryptocurrency to Their Portfolio

crypto currencyMore and more people are looking towards cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin etc. as a viable source of investment. This makes sense when you consider that even the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is placing a spotlight on them. In fact, they recently declared that national monies may no longer hold a monopoly in the near future, to be taken over by decentralized, digital currencies instead.

Intro to Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoins are different because they have their own payment and account systems. They run without the oversight of a central bank, focusing solely on peer-to-peer transactions. They are not yet in a position to take over fiat challenges, as they take a lot of energy to “mine” and are based on technology that cannot yet be scaled. Some cryptocurrencies have also been hacked, and many see them as too opaque.

However, even the IMF now recognizes that these are mere technological challenges, and it looks like they will at some point be resolved. After all, personal computers, a staple part of most households, were once said to be never suitable for the domestic market, and the same could happen with bitcoins. According to the IMF, people may start to see these virtual currencies as safer to hold and easier to obtain, particularly if they are in areas that are underrepresented by the financial sector.

Furthermore, it is believed that, because there are no intermediaries necessary to check identities and accounts, there is no central registration, no clearing delays, and no settlement risks, people may prefer them as a legal tender. Furthermore, switching to cryptocurrencies could be a cost-saving exercise, as there is less requirement for branch offices. Finally, we are already seeing money move in new ways, so it would be logical for this to develop further.

Why Bitcoins

diversificationThere are some key reasons as to why investors are looking for bitcoins as a way to diversify their portfolio. These include:

  • They are 100% decentralized and therefore cannot be manipulated by central banks or governments.
  • They are becoming more widely accepted.
  • Their value is not tied to the dollar, just as precious metals aren’t, and they tend to move in the opposite direction of other investments.
  • The IRS is now recognizing them as a form of currency.
  • Bitcoins are likely to be highly undervalued at present.

Indeed, some of the greatest technological and financial minds believe the future lies in bitcoins. They include Bill Gates and John McAfee, who both see the cryptocurrency as a fascinating and unstoppable technological advancement that is likely to take over the world. Also, others have a similar opinion, including the CEO of Google, the chair of the Federal Reserve, Paypal’s co-founder, Pirate Party’s founder, and Hunch’s co-founder. Not only do they all agree that the cryptocurrency is here to stay and that it is advancing significantly, but they also all agree that its value will soon increase, making it even more interesting for investors.

How to Invest in Bitcoin

1. Paper Wallets

These types of wallets were incredibly popular, but offline software and hardware wallets are starting to take over. This is because you need quite a bit of technical knowledge to create a truly secure paper wallet. It also requires a bootable operating system, and offline computer, a printer, and a USB flash drive, as well as a whole lot of patience. The focus must be on security, after all. You must, therefore, decide how you want to create this wallet, and then open a BitAddress. You then need to generate an RNG, which you use on your brain wallet. Then, you have to print it. It is also recommended that you then encrypt it, using Bip 38, which will keep it even safer. Safety has to come first and unless you really know what you are doing, you are likely to find your paper wallets aren’t safe, or that you have lost what are in them.

2. Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are increasing in popularity because they are so easy to use. You don’t have to understand the technical side of bitcoin at all, and they are very simple to set up, even for complete beginners. They are basically a smart card or small computer, through which keys are generated offline. When you spend any funds, the wallet will sign the transaction, but within an unhackable, secure environment. This transaction is then set to your computer, which you then send to the network, thereby making it virtually impossible for it to be hacked.

You need a hard drive seed to back up your hardware wallet and these backups should also be printed on paper. Meanwhile, you must make sure the wallet cannot be physically stolen or damaged, which is why most people keep more than one copy. There are some systems that allow users to create a passphrase for extra security. However, this passphrase can never be recovered. This means that you must be 100% sure that you will remember it, or you have to write it down, which, in turn is not secure.

3. Offline Physical Wallet + Cold Storage

The final option, that is also the most secure way, is to use an offline software wallet. There are little differences between these and hardware wallets. However, you have to use a dedicated computer, that is offline, on which you run your physical bitcoin wallet. This wallet is created fully on the computer itself. You will have a public HD seed that is used to set it up. Meanwhile, the only copy that can be added to a regular computer or network is a watch-only version of the wallet. What this means is that you can receive payments through an online network, but the private keys and funds continue to be secure on your offline computer. All you have to do is add the new funds to your offline wallet, and they once again become untouchable. Unfortunately, this entire system is quite a bit more complex than the hardware wallet, although not as complex as the paper wallet. Hence, it is a commonly used form of cold storage, particularly with those who have mined quite a number of bitcoins.

Why Regal Assets

regal assetsBecause Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular, a lot of companies are jumping on the bandwagon to encourage people to invest in them. However the only recommended option for a third party company for bitcoin investment so far is Regal Assets, as it is the only company that’s fully licensed and regulated for this type of investment as of today.

Regal Assets has been leading the precious metals industry for years, and has only recently started to offer cryptocurrencies in their services. This company has got a very good reputation with an A+ rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau), an “AAA” from BCA (Business Consumer Alliance), 5 stars from over thousand of happy customer reviews on Trustlink, no clients’ complaints, and zero fraud lawsuit so far. Today, they have a presence in numerous countries, including United Arab Emirates(Dubai HQ), United States, and Canada.

They offer prospective investors a free bitcoin investment guide that fully explains the benefits of bitcoins and why they should be added to an investment portfolio. This includes an explanation as to why this currency is the most promising and safest around today, why it is seen as the new gold (and Ethereum as the new silver), how investing in Bitcoin can be done without being at risk from hackers, why even governments and banks now invest in cryptocurrencies, how prices are likely to move in the future, and which other types of cryptocurrencies you may want to add to a portfolio and why.

Ultra-Secure Vaulting Facility

Regal Assets is the only company that provides fully insured offline physical wallet by Lloyd’s of London, and stored inside the cold storage in their Dubai HQ to ensure maximum safety for your cryptos investments. Bitcoin cold storage means that you use a secure offline facility to store your private bitcoin keys. Anyone who holds bitcoin should consider cold storage. This is because any computer could potentially be hacked, and if you lose your bitcoins, they are lost for good.

Their Dubai vaulting facility has been dubbed “The most secure vault in the Middle East and one of the top-5 most secure vaults in the world.”

Final Verdicts

Clearly, using cold storage is a complex issue and one that is reserved to those who really know what they are doing. This is another reason why Regal Assets is such a more viable option to choose from. They do all the work for you, ensuring your investment is kept safe at all times. They are available all over the world and have all the relevant registrations and licenses. Originally started as a precious metal investment company, they also have experience in monitoring the markets and the changing face of investments. This is why they are highly recommended. They are, in fact, one of the first to offer bitcoin investment portfolio and it looks as if they will once again become the example of best practice that others would want to follow.

What you also have to understand, is where to get the bitcoins from. This is the final reason why Regal Assets is recommended. They will be more than happy to help you find bitcoins to purchase, even if you have not set up a wallet with them. Their goal is to make sure that everybody is able to invest in bitcoin, regardless of where in the world they are. Finding bitcoins – and particularly at a fair price – may be one of the most difficult elements of the currency as a whole, particularly because of the difficulties it still faces as highlighted in the IMF report. However, thanks to companies like Regal Assets, these difficulties are starting to be overcome.

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