Important Notes for Those Investing $250,000+

In case you are going to invest or rollover more than $250,000 to a gold backed IRA. We strongly suggest you carefully read through these a few points laid out below:

Flat Fees vs Scaled Accounts

Investment AmountFlat Annual FeesScaled Account (*0.1%)

If you’re maintaining your IRA account with a scaled fee charges for 20 years, you can be easily paying for $10,000 to $20,000 annually just for the fees alone. (Your account value will naturally grow due to inflation and appreciation on precious metals)

Bullion vs Collectibles

    • Bullions: according to market value; suitable for investors; safer.
    • Collectibles (proofs & numismatics): with huge mark-up price; take longer to sell in the future; rarity & quality concern; sometime risky.

Risk Management & ROI

For this big amount of money, it’ll be very risky if you put your faith on companies without reliable expertise on taking care of your portfolio.


We highly recommend you to consider Regal Assets. WHY?

    • They offer a low, flat annual IRA admin & storage fees.
    • They buy back all precious metals at over the spot price.
    • They only recommend Bullion as primary assets for investors like you.
    • They have special portfolio for $250k+ investment, specifically designed by reliable expertise for each investors, to ensure your financial goal achievement based on your needs. They even have a GUARANTEE on your long term wealth building.

This is the only company we trust for big investment: – Give them a call: 1-855-353-3915

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